Baphuon Temple

Baphuon Temple was built as a monumental Temple Mount in the mid-11th century in honor of the Hindu god Shiva.

siem reap, baphuon tempelThe Baphuon temple with its pyramidal structure is one of the most important testimonies of the Angkor period and is approximately 200 meters west from the Bayon.

The archaeological site is located today in Angkor Thom but was originally the center of the former Khmer capital Yasodharapura.

With the construction of the temple Baphuon was started around 890 under Yasovarmans the First and was completed after many years by Udayadityavarman II.

the baphuon temple in angkorMany efforts have been made to restore this temple. It was dismantled piece by piece, each stone was numbered and documented.

In the years of the Khmer Rouge, all records were destroyed. 10 years of restoration began again in 1995 and the craftsmen managed to solve the puzzle.


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