Preah Palilay Temple

The Preah Palilay is a small temple in Angkor, Siem Reap.

preah palilay templePreah Palilay is located in an idyllic, wooded setting just north of the Royal Palace, west of Tep Pranam.

The Building is a small Buddhist sandstone temple, found in the northwestern section of Angkor Tom, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

On a base with 3 levels is an unusually steep Prasat, a 6-meter-high chimney-shaped temple tower. The base of this temple tower is five by five meters. The four entrances each with 4 stairs open into the main points of the compass.

A stone wall encloses the 50 to 50 m wide temple district Preah Palilay. To the east is agate tower of sandstone, a so-called gopura. From the gate tower there is a 33 m long causeway directly to a 30 m long and 8 m wide, two-stage, cross-shaped terrace.

The construction of the temple Preah Palilay is important for two reasons:

The Preah Palilay Temple corresponds both in style and quality with Angkor Wat which suggests it was built in the early 12th century. In Preah Palilay some well-preserved sculptures depicting scenes from the life of Buddha also exist.

During the reign of Jayavarman 7 (about 1181-1220) 8 Buddhist sculptures were destroyed or defaced (about 1243 to 1295). The dating of the temple is therefore somewhat problematic.

the balustrade, a wonderful sightThe terrace from the Preah Palilay has very ornate Naga balustrades, seven-headed, winged Ophidian.

In the pediments of the gate tower are reliefs. Among other things, a Buddha who preaches in the woods with the animals. Furthermore, on the relief Buddha pacifying an elephant Nalagiri. On another relief Buddha is blessing children.

Inside the tower, parts of two statues are visible. They are likely to be statues of Buddha that are today still venerated by the faithful.

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